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Field of activity 
Development and production of dietary supplements and bioproducts based on pure cultures of probiotic microorganisms
Year of foundation
1. Biologically active additives «Biovestin» ® and «Biovestin-lacto» ®.
2. Bioproduct Biovestin-A, Biovestin-lacto-plus.
3. Functional food products «Bifilin M», «Tonus», «Atsidovestin», «Bifistatin» ®.
4. Sour-milk baby food of the first complementary food (kefir, bifidokefir, cottage cheese).
The product line is designed for systemic improvement of the body and improving the quality of life by improving the «internal ecology» (microbiological environment) of a person. In particular, the products can be used for prevention and as part of complex therapy of intestinal and digestive diseases, improving metabolism and improving immunity, rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy courses, cleansing the body of toxins and other toxins and other purposes.
Plans and developments
A new food product, the metabiotic «Go Bio!», Is being prepared for market launch, intended for daily support of the human body living in the megalopolis and intensive protection of the body from the consequences of malnutrition and stress of urban life.
In 2018, the construction of the new production building of the company will begin on the site of the Biotechnopark Koltsovo.
Innovations and product benefits
The company «Bio-Vesta» was the first in Russia to establish the production of liquid probiotic products. The company uses its own innovative technologies, as well as unique developments of the All-Union Research Institute of Dairy Industry of the USSR, perfected by the specialists of Bio-West Ltd. and brought to the stage of industrial production. Thanks to these technologies, the company’s products have the following advantages:
• the composition uses exclusively live active microorganisms, without the use of any preservatives, lyophilization technologies, etc .;
• the concentration of bifidobacteria is 109 cfu in 1 ml, due to which the clinical effectiveness of the products is 5-6 times higher than in the analogues;
• technological «know-how» allows to maintain equally high activity of living bacteria during the whole shelf life;
• food formulas are designed in such a way that the metabolic products of some bacteria positively affect the vital functions of others, thereby increasing the health effect.
The effectiveness of Bio-Vesta products has been proven by numerous clinical trials in leading Russian clinics and recommended by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
The products are presented in large cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan. Planned supply of products to Vietnam, Moldova, Romania. Since 2008, there has been a joint venture in China.
1. The company is interested in receiving orders for the supply of liquid probiotic food products to hospitals, sanatoriums, kindergartens, etc.
2. The company offers cooperation to medical centers and clinics for conducting clinical trials of liquid probiotics as nutritional support for cancer patients.
3. The company is ready to fulfill orders for the contract production of concentrates of probiotic microorganisms.
4. The company is interested in finding scientific and technological partners for joint research and development of new products based on probiotic microorganisms.
The company is considering investor proposals for the construction of similar facilities in other regions of Russia.
Awards and certificates
More than 20 diplomas and medals of the winner of various interregional and federal competitions. The company was repeatedly awarded with the medals of the Siberian Fair, the competitions «Best Goods of Siberia — Gemma», «100 Best Goods of Russia», «Novosibirsk Brand», etc. In 2013, one of the company’s projects was recognized the winner of the XIII Russian Venture Fair in the nomination «Prospective Business» .
The production is certified according to the international standard of the food safety management system ISO 22000 2005.
Mailing address
630060, Novosibirsk, a. I 111
First Name
Ilyin Vladislav Petrovich
Name of contact person
Golubyatnikova Anna Vladimirovna
Position of contact person
Deputy General Director for Marketing and Development
Contact phone number
+7 (383) 363 18 65, +7 (383) 363 18 64
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