VICHOREV SERGEY 29 years Novosibirsk city psychologist

"Biovestin is the guarantee of a good day."

LENA Novosibirsk city

One of the best probiotics, it seems to me that liquid probiotics are much more effective than dry ones. I took Biovestin when I was poisoned with shawarma, I know that it is impossible, dangerous and absolutely not useful, but I still bought it. As a result, the temperature, diarrhea, vomiting. I took only sorbents and Biovestin, it became better already on the third day, but Biovestin still drank a month's course. Ordered and sorbents, and Biovestin on the site Probiotics, it is convenient that there is an address delivery, the city is brought on the same day, because in this state it is simply unreal to go looking for pharmacies.

LENA Novosibirsk city

Thank you for such a miracle! My child got rid of allergies!

OLGA MA 34 Novosibirsk city communications engineer

Уменьшилось бурление в кишечнике, ислезла слабость организма в течение дня. Мои мама и папа то же прошли 4-х недельный курс. Папа - ничего не заметил, мама - кишечник стал вести себя лучше, мама то же принимал антибиотик.

KLYUSHNICHENKO IRINA GENNADIEVNA 46 years old Novosibirsk city chief accountant

The drug was drunk and my daughter (16 years old, the problem is -akne). Improvement on the face (on the face)! )) Many thanks for your development and a special thank you for the share! Maybe without her so quickly not going to drink a course! Has tried kefir novelties - too have liked. Good luck to you and your business!


Wonderful drug! I wish you new discoveries to improve the health of the population.

How to order Biovestin

You can buy Biovestin directly from our representatives in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic. Submit your application, please

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